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Project Description
No designers
No massive unreadable code files

Having been frustrated with clunky designers and unmanageable code generation in commercial .NET O/R mappers, I have decided to give up on them. My vision for this project is a simple code file generation class library driven by an administration GUI as a separate Winform application. It will use an easy to understand factory pattern. Files will be kept very small and easy to manage, and best of all, there will be no designer and impossible to read five thousand line long xml or C# code files.

The idea of this project is simple. In one click, take a database and generate a simple, maintainable data access layer that just works. All default CRUD operations will be generated using LINQ. There will be no possibility of designer files becoming corrupt and wiping out your O/R Mappings while you try to find that one character in that 5000 line long XML configuration to fix it.

Simple is better, but if developers need more flexibility, a series of extension classes will be available to build on top of the core data access layer. I never want a developer to have to touch the core for any reason. It will be a one click operation to build a data access layer for a small application, but it will have the ability to be customized for complex applications as well.

I plan to port the functionality as a visual studio plug-in down the road.

Justin Durham

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